Mike Hyde


Talk abstract: Learning at hyper-scale: creating the self-learning business

How do we create products and businesses that continuously experiment, evolve and learn in order to maintain their competitive advantage? Harnessing big data and data science, and integrating them into the heart of company culture is critical to building data-powered businesses. Drawing on experiences at Facebook and Skype, Mike Hyde will highlight key ingredients and lessons learned on the journey to data-impact when dealing with very large and complex data sets and rapidly moving organisations.

Bio: Mike Hyde leads Data Science and Data Engineering for Workplace, Facebook’s new enterprise product for companies of all sizes to collaborate and communicate in new ways. Prior to this he built and lead the global data analytics team at Skype, managing one of the world’s largest data sets and exploring communication habits of people all around the world. His experience spans data architecture through to data science and culture, and he is passionate about using data and insights to create a company culture focused on innovation and growth. Prior to Skype, Mike spent over a decade in consulting, using data to solve businesses’ problems across many industries and countries.

Saturday April 29th , 2017
9:00 am-
6:00 pm
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