Dr. Shahzia Holtom

Talk Abstract: A practical look at putting data science in production
Search is a common feature for apps. The basic implementation of search as an information retrieval exercise does not allow for personalisation. A smart search, that boosts the information retrieval with sorting based on the relevance to an individual, adds to the user experience. This talk will focus on the lessons from a recent implementation of a smart search in an instant grocery delivery app. The discussion will be split in to two parts. Part one will be on the theory of the Support Vector Machine algorithm which is driving the smart search. In part two, I will discuss the agile practices that are needed to put smart search in to production.
Bio: Dr. Shahzia Holtom is currently managing the data science discipline at Pivotal Labs which is a Silicon Valley based company. Her experience lies in building smart applications with the use of machine learning and AI algorithms. Shahzia has previously worked as one of the first data scientist in the UK Government where she championed the use of data science for evidence based policy making.
Shahzia holds a PhD in Statistics from the University of Oxford and has also trained as a Software Engineer.
Saturday April 29th , 2017
9:00 am-
6:00 pm
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