David Foster

Applied Data Science

Talk Abstract: Data Science Embedded

How do data scientists generate revenue? Answer: generally, they don’t – it’s the actions taken by the wider business following recommendations from data scientists that affect the bottom line. That’s why fully embedding the output from your data science team into every business function isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ – it’s essential. And it’s not easy to achieve – all too often, the impact of data science is lost because the final step, embedding the project into business as usual, is missing.

We will explore this idea in the context of three case studies – an interactive funnel analysis tool called Pathfinder that assesses user flow through a website; user segmentation by behaviour and a churn prediction model that drives targeted ‘smart’ offers. The Data Science Business Map will also be presented as a framework to ensure your business experiences the full range of solutions that data science can offer and we’ll explore the common pitfalls with implementation and how to avoid them.

Bio: David is co-founder of Applied Data Science, a London based data science consultancy delivering practical data science solutions with measurable business value.

Previously David was the Senior Data Scientist at Findmypast and has experience developing and managing several high-value data science projects including the algorithm for the negotiation engine used by the local and national sales teams at Global, a media and entertainment company. He has won international machine learning competitions and is an active participant in the online data science community.

In his spare time, David enjoys board games and pub quizzes. He has won the TV show Pointless, though made a fool of himself by thinking that Patrick Swayze sang ‘Dancing in the Dark’.

He holds an MA in Mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge and an MSc in Operational Research from the University of Warwick.

Thursday April 27th , 2017
6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
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