Ankur Modi

Status Today

Talk abstract: Using AI to understand Human Behaviour in the workplace

Can Artificial Intelligence be used to understand the intricacies of human behaviour? Ankur Modi shows how basic data and AI have the potential to bring the next revolution in operational visibility. The talk focuses on case studies from financial and professional services sectors where StatusToday’s technology was deployed with direct application to understand employee productivity, identify cyber and human risks (insider threat), and categorise communication patterns for key clients.

Bio: Ankur Modi is the CEO and co-founder of StatusToday, which is considered one the UK’s hottest Artificial Intelligence start-ups by Business Insider, TechWorld and VentureRadar. He is an expert in big data with a unique specialisation in Psychology from Oxford University, and has recently been recognised by Forbes 30 Under 30 as one of Europe’s most promising tech entrepreneurs. Prior to StatusToday, Ankur was Project Manager and Software Engineer at Microsoft, leading international efforts behind MS Office, Office 365 and Dynamics for projects now used by over 100 million people worldwide. At StatusToday, Ankur and his team have created a unique Intelligence Platform that helps companies understand human behaviour to ensure Security, Engagement and Productivity.

Saturday April 29th , 2017
9:00 am-
6:00 pm
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