So you’ve downloaded Tensorflow and want to learn how to use it. Where do you start? Probably here:

Whilst that’s great for a while, you quickly find yourself wanting to know more about the cutting edge — how are people using this now?

Enter DS.LIB

We’ve just launched DS.LIB — a simple search engine for all things ‘data science’. It contains content from the awesome Data Machina, a weekly digest of the most exciting data science content on the web, from the last 3 years.

Just type in what you’re looking to learn about, and you’ll be presented with your very own library on the topic, sorted in reverse chronological order.

Feel like watching a video? Only want code? No problem — just click on the buttons to filter by the type of content you want to see.

Bookmark it today!

And do get in touch — we’d love to hear your thoughts!

By David Foster