Summary: This session is for data scientists and analytics developers who work with SQL Server as a data source and want to understand how it works and how to make querying it faster. It assumes little to no knowledge of SQL Server, other than perhaps writing a few T-SQL queries to retrieve data. It starts by introducing the SQL Server family of products, showing conceptually how the database engine processes queries and retrieves data, and what can influence performance.

The second half of the session looks at how to improve the performance of queries by reviewing the most common causes of slow running queries and then some of the easiest ways to speed them up, often by using the different kinds of indexes SQL Server provides.

Bio: Gavin Payne is the Head of Digital Transformation at Coeo, a Microsoft Gold Partner providing consulting and managed services for Microsoft data platform and analytics technologies. He uses his technical background as a principal data platform architect to create new Coeo services that help customers use digital technologies, such as cloud data platforms and advanced analytics solutions. Gavin is a Microsoft Certified Architect and a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server.