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6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Data Science Festival Day 4 – Digital, Data and Technology: Disrupting Clinical Trials

6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
April 27th , 2017, Thursday

Digital, Data and Technology: Disrupting Clinical Trials

Only 1 in 5,000 medicines in development make it to market, with a drug typically taking 12 years to develop from initial discovery to market. Estimates vary but the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry puts drug development at £1.15bn per drug. If we are to drive down the costs of medicines, we need to drive down the costs of clinical trials. Riddled with inefficiencies, the clinical trial process is ripe for disruption from patient recruitment to optimisation of data analysis. But how can data, digital and technology fit in a complex, lengthy and high risk process? To what extent are regulators open to new innovations? How is pharma investing in new approaches and technologies?

Join HealthTech Women UK, as part of the Data Science Festivalto learn, debate, network, and understand the role new technologies can play in future medicine development.

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6:00-6:30 Registration

6:30-6:35 Welcome

6:35- 6:40 Introduction to clinical trials – the current state

6:40-6:50 What is pharma doing? + Questions

6:50-7:00 What are the regulators saying? + Questions

7:00-7:30 Startups disrupting clinical trials:

Aparito, RareMark,

7:30-7:40 Wrap up – clinical trials 2030: What will they look like?

7:40 Networking drinks

9:00 Close

Magdalena Zwierzyna
Talk abstract: BenevolentAI is a London-based technology company that explores the use of deep learning and other cutting-edge computational techniques to enhance and accelerate drug discovery. The company has created an enriched data landscape by processing and integrating large volumes of data generated at all stages of drug discovery: from in vitro experiments…
Natalia Balko
 Bio: Natalia Balko, Head of the Analytics Center of Excellence within R&D Solutions for QuintilesIMS, is responsible for the development, innovation, and delivery of global analytic solutions that underpin the Next Generation of Clinical Development Solutions following the QuintilesIMS merger. Previously, Natalia was a Principal in Real World Insights, leading…
Sarah Venugopal
Bio: Sarah Venugopal is the Lead Community Manager and one of the founding team at Raremark, engaging with the rare disease community and patient groups to help them understand and be partners in the drug development process. Sarah has a degree in biochemistry and a Masters in science communication. She…
Yogeeta Manglani
Bio: Yogeeta is an Associate Director in strategy at MSD, a top 10 global pharmaceutical company. Her role involves providing insights on current trends in health and digital policy and shaping the commercial model for products such as hepatitis C treatments and antibiotics.This includes developing outcomes-based financing models, user-centered patient…